JGS Research Co. is a specialty chemicals company specializing in custom synthesis.

The history of our company dates back to Dr. J. Gustav Schulz in 1985. Dr. Schulz was employed as a research chemist by Gulf Oil Corporation for a period of 30 years.  In 1985, Gulf Oil was acquired in a merger by Chevron.  Consequently, Dr. Schulz started JGS Research in order to continue the research that he had been pursuing. During his 30 year tenure at Gulf Oil, Dr. Schulz authored in excess of 120 patents.  One of the best known of Dr. Schulz’s inventions was BTDA, a compound that confers temperature stability to high performance polymers. This product was used in applications such as the design and construction of heat shields and space suits utilized in NASA’s space programs.

The main body of Dr. Schulz’s research, however, was centered on the chemistry of petrochemicals, coals, and biomass.  The continuation of this research led to the development of a process that defined a synthetic route toward the functionalization of coals and biomass. JGS Research was then involved in a series of fruitful collaborations with Daimler Benz, and the US Department of Energy.  These collaborations demonstrated the feasibility of developing novel products as attractive, renewable, and economical alternative to diesel fuel.  This work subsequently led to US Patents 4,762,529, 4,760,803, 4,668,243, and 6,280,487.

The most recent patent expired in 2018. With the advent of fracking technology, the price of crude oil has remained well below its highs. As such, finding partners interested in investing in alternate energy technology for novel diesel fuels has proven difficult. At present, our involvement in novel energy source development is limited to consulting.

Our company now consists of conducting contract syntheses. These are carried out usually on the milligram scale relevant to Bio-Pharma. Our experience has made us skilled in developing efficient synthetic routes towards important biomolecules. 

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